Friday, 26 May 2017

AbstractRadio session - dirtydiscodubs III - may 2017

Back by popular demand!

Before you all drift away on a summer reverie, here's another booty-shakin' bottom-heavy bonanza of disco noodlings and dirty dubbiness, fresh from the AbRad crypts.

Featuring a languid meleé of reworks of, among others, the O'Jays, Marvin Gaye, Roy Ayers, Bill Withers and Al Green, it's all jolly fine fare for long, lazy, sun-drenched afternoons.

Love, bees, birds and flowers,

The AbRad team

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Track Title
000:00the o'jaysship ahoysuper value
006:36kan sanoeverybody loves the sunshinerazor-n-tape
013:30super valuetime to get it togethersuper value
017:27boogie freaksdon't let gotasty
020:52graef and hartbitingsleazy beats
024:24chuggin editsstretchin outmasterworks
027:26fingermansummertime stringzhot digits
032:13the untouchableslouie anthemstrictly rhythm
034:47superbreaklet's go all the waynoton
036:39samma lonebefore house was discouptown boogie
038:53ilija rudmanfuture timesism
044:12junktionepilogue slow town
047:38samma lonelove and happinessuptown boogie
052:08vinyladdicted & sleazy mcqueenfree from social narcoticseditors kutz
056:35xinobimom & daddiscotexas
1.00:36brame & hamoghetto for youheist
1.02:59psychemagikmink and shoespsychemagik
1.08:06maggie rogersalaskacapitol
1.11:24nachtbrakermonday mourningdirt crew
1.13:11dj kozextc pampa
1:18:31nachtbrakerhumpdirt crew
1.25:11deeliciouslonely town lonely streetmasterworks
1.29:59teenage mutantsbarbessuara
1.33.37vozmedianoback2groundwitty tunes
1.38:14lindstromhome tonightfeedelity

-- Total running time – 108.06 --

Saturday, 8 April 2017

AbstractRadio session - april 2017

Welcome back friends, to the show that never ends - we apologise for our prolonged absence and, yes, we missed you madly.

To make up for it, we've knocked up a veritable feast of cracking little house numbers for you this time 'round, covering the whole schmeer: from funky disco to soulful us garage, deep house to bass-bin breaking barnstormers, even a little bit of old school. Plus there's a brand new tune of the week thrown in - honestly, it's hard to imagine anything more life-affirming than this.

Full of fulsome-frolicking-fun, frankly, every track's a belter - so, go on, turn it up, and bop til you drop!

[we will endeavour to make the next session's blurb cliché-free]

Love, peace and armadillos,


The AbRad team

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Track Title
000:05purple disco machine move or not off
000:08lumoon & rob!n la disquette clair de lune
004:16woody bianchi & re- tide changescut rec
007:09tête de la course walk in harlem fogbank
010:25alexz that's the way mood funk
014:23ed the spread mystical powers melt tofu
017:22doc daneeka never wanna lose you ten thousand yen
020:45jill scott coming to you t's box
025:47duke dumont be here defected
030:45re-tide the power cut rec
033:37delvalle music de la casa 4disco
037:22alec carlsson paris fried chicken fogbank
040:13aki bergen alma de dios noir
047:13mark lower & corinna jane blow the speakers spirit soul
051:51atfc no victim song defected
057:15bas roos midnight people exploited
060:51kings of tomorrow please deep visionz
064:58moullinex don't you feel discotexas
071:24litmus cantstandyer noton
075:58ki creighton house season elrow
078:33nic fanciuli moving on rejected
084:59bertie bassett the only one magnetic
090:39boris smith let the music nurvous
093:44soul avengerz sing positiva
099:55the cube guys hey you x
106:05groove assassin office party things may change
112:35malachi prison blues deep visionz
117:07ron carroll the sermon great stuff
122:15a guy called gerald voodoo ray noton
126:53atelier francesco dead end city fox
134:22offiah trouble universal
139:42litmus uninvited noton
150:50leg soup wonderland art & craft
156:30oscar bandersen sweetest fantasy music for dreams

-- Total running time – 163.08 --

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Tune of the Week - No.10 - 05.04.17

With so much wonderful music knocking around here in the Abstract studio, we thought we'd take the opportunity to showcase a few very special items that are close to our hearts. Our choices for Tune of the Week may be fresh through the door, or decades old - our aim is that they will always epitomise the ethos of AbstractRadio...

It's been a long time, but boy has it been worth the wait...

Jill Scott & Terry Hunter - I'm Coming To You - House N' HD Terry Hunter & Mike Dunn Soulfrica Mix -
T's Box Records TB060

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Released in mid 2016, and stuffed away on the backside of a digital-only remix package, this slice of joy almost slipped under the radar. And what a loss that would be, as it's easily the best thing we've heard in donks.

Crafted by Terry Hunter [and what a fine job he does], full of delicate rising chords, sublime backing voices, crisp yet slightly off-kilter beats and the powerful vocal talents of Ms Scott, this uplifting little ditty has been an end-of-night drop since someone left it at the draw-bridge here at AbRad Towers.

Unfortunately, it's a wonder if this will ever get the airplay and recognition it deserves. For instance, despite being an absolutely glorious anthem, it's not currently on y-tube [at time of writing].

But, fear not, dear listener, for we are here to rectify such catastrophic errors - well, as much as humanly possible.

And thus, we declare...

"I'm almost there!"

What a gem.

Sorry, there is no video.
Yes, it is a disgrace.

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